Meet the People Behind Retirement Your Way

Gail M. McDonald and Marilyn L. Bushey are executive coaches who have helped thousands of leaders make significant improvements in their ability to lead, build relationships, deliver results, and enhance their sense of self-fulfillment at work. In Retirement Your Way, Gail and Marilyn turn their attention from the world of work to the world of retirement. There, they apply their expertise and innovative thinking to help you make changes and build a life of contribution, vitality, and joy throughout your retirement years.

“Like you, we want to contribute, live with purpose, and thrive in retirement.  We applaud all of you who do not automatically accept the tried and true. You are inventing new ways of contributing to society, having fun, and living fully. You are the new Retirement Rebels.” 

–Gail and Marilyn

Marilyn, Brisbane (Brisby) and Gail