Overview of the 6 Lifestyle Categories


As we enter our Next Chapters, we all want to thrive. We want to live with joy, self-fulfillment, and contribution. Your quiz results reflect your primary lifestyle category. These six lifestyle categories were developed from interviews of people who are retired, in the process of retiring, or who have tried retiring and chose to return to work.

You may fit into two or even three categories at the same time, and your life undoubtedly involves much more complexity and nuance than could ever be described by a single category. Regardless of which specific lifestyles appeal to you, these 6 categories can be a helpful tool to explore what thriving means to you and what the Good Life looks like in your Next Chapter.

Traditionalist – The Traditionalist stops working and engages in a variety of nonpaid, mostly leisure activities.  This option is the closest to what people typically think of as “normal” retirement. Traditionalists are ready for a clean break from their previous work lives. Their slogan might be, “Adventure awaits!”


Altruist – The Altruist stops working and volunteers, mostly for nonprofit organizations and typically for a cause they’re passionate about. This is a choice that many people make as they enter retirement. You could say that Altruists have “giving back” in their blood. Their slogan might be “I love to serve.”


Lifelong Learner – A Lifelong Learner stops working and pursues a nonpaid activity that requires practice or continued learning.  Interestingly, this continued learning is often at a level of intensity that is somewhat similar to working life. Lifelong Learners are hungry for more. They are serial learners. Their slogan might be, “To learn is to live!”


Stair Stepper – A Stair Stepper continues to work in the same career, while gradually cutting back the amount of time spent at work. Stair Steppers aren’t ready to stop working completely. They like to move toward retirement in small increments. Often, there are multiple “steps” before they fully retire. Their slogan might be, “One step at a time.”


Boomeranger – The Boomeranger retires, takes a break from work, and then returns to work at a later point in time. Boomerangers may opt to work full time or part time. Some elect to return to work in the same career they had previously, while others choose to start a new career. Boomerangers experience new job opportunities as magnets. They like to work, and they like to have some time off. Their slogan might be, “I keep bouncing back!”


Reinventor – A Reinventor continues to work by embarking on a new career. This category involves paid work—part time or full time–in a totally new profession. There are many ways to become a Reinventor. For example, Reinventors might start a company, change professions, or join a corporate board of directors. They love change and a challenge. Their slogan might be, “Bring it on!”