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"Help Me Enjoy a Happier Retirement"

Marilyn Bushey gives her thoughts for a happier retirement to Woman’s World Magazine. (Click to Read)

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My Senior Gap Year

Most retired people say they are so busy they wonder how they ever had time to go to work. I asked Gail McDonald, co-author of Retirement Your Way what her views are on retirement and how we should plan for it… or should we plan on retiring at all?


The Retirement Rebels: How to break the mold and live life on your own terms

In this week’s episode Coach Kirsten talks with the retirement rebels Marilyn L. Bushey, and Gail M. McDonald about how they turn their attention from the world of work to the world of retirement. They tell us their expertise and innovative thinking to help their readers build lives of contribution, vitality, and joy throughout their retirement years, most importantly what are the Retirement Tools and Strategies for Women, whether Employed, Self-employed, Business Women and Stay at Home Mothers. This episode discusses topics like: ·       Introduction of themselves and their book. ·       How women can implement the 7 steps described in your book in order to forge forward and better their future.
·       The best way women can prepare for retirement.
·       Their experience working with women in preparation for retirement.
·       How planning for retirement can liberate women.
·       What career goals would women still pursue after retirement. You can get

Designing Your Next Chapter

by Interview with Gail McDonald and Marilyn Bushey | The Conscious Care Giver Podcast with Carol-Ann Hamilton (Click to Listen)

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